Thursday, June 28, 2012

Catch Up Day

 Worked in the gardens this morning while it was cool...... The hot (103) degrees afternoon has been a great time to finish a few things that had been setting around, patiently waiting for me.

One of the charity projects that our quilt guild supports is making small quilts for the preemie babies that are born at local hospitals.

A 12 x 12 quilt is tiny..... Little kits were put together at the guild one month..... I've finished six little quilts this afternoon...... All are a pre-printed Christmas fabric with  small borders...... So simple, yet enjoyed by the parents and nurses.

This is the start of a small wall hanging, Primitive Pinwheels,
by  I bought this pattern at the
Cincinnati quilt show..... I will use the lil' twister tool to cut this
little quilt apart, block by block and row by row.... I will then sew the rows back together to finish the wall hanging......

oops!!!!!!!Look at all that white around this picture.....oh well,
I didn't realize that the design wall would show up so much....

I will finish the binding on the t-shirt quilt tonight.......having it ready to show you next post......Stay Cool....

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  1. How fun! I've only done one preemie quilt so far but I've got a few planned in teh near future. And I've had the tiny Lil Twister tool for a while now and keep wanting to start a project with it but haven't yet. I'm looking forward to the guild class in August to get my engines started!