Friday, June 22, 2012

Hardest quilt that I've made

This quilt was so hard to make...... I lost my precious son several years ago......I gathered all his t-shirt with the intention of making a quilt....... I stored them in a huge tote....... Over the years I would open the tote intending to get started on a quilt, but seeing and feeling them as I cut a few would be so overwhelming that I would sat and grieve a while and put the box back into it's storage space.......

I finally realized that when I joined him one of these days if I hadn't made quilts from his shirts they wouldn't be preserved....He had so many shirts, body building, softball and random shirts......I decided to make three quilts..... I divided the shirts into themes....
He was a serious  body builder, had a fantastic body......worked out at the gym most days after work.....I would start with those shirts.... I used his Zubaz pants that he worked out in for the setting strips....When I got started, it was a wonderful labor of love and remembrance of his life.......

The top was finished....What was I going to do for the lining?    I wanted something special...... I thought about it for a few days.......Some time my best decisions are made when I'm sleeping.....woke up about three one morning with this in my mind.

Two of his work out outfits sewn on to the lining fabric.....Look at the pants, they show the wear over the years.....I cherish them....

I quilted it and put the rest of the shirts away for a while, about six months.....I had to finish the other shirts......I'm sewing the binding on the second quilt now......Stay tuned for that quilt next.


  1. Oh Jenny! What a heart-wrenching post!!! My heart just goes out to you my friend! I am sure that although this quilt has been by far your most difficult, it will become your most cherished =^..^= I absolutely LOVE what you did for the backing - pure genius!!!

  2. So sorry for the loss of your son, I can imagine how serious he was about his fitness. May you find peace which passes all understanding.